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This probably comes across as quite a basic question but I am unsure on how to download all the data, there is no download all option from google drive, all I can do is copy it to my own google drive folder.

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It'a a good question. Google Drive unfortunately does not offer the option to download the complete folder. It also seems to be not possible to make a list of all download links that you can use with wget for example. The only option is to download all slides manually (it's tedious, I know). This week I'm out of office, but next week I'll try to make archives with ~10 slides each. That should make it less tedious. If you find an alternative, please post here.


There is an option to download all the images from Google Drive without too much work:

- Open the dataset link provided by the organizers.
- Add the dataset folder to your Google Drive account (click in the top-right "Open in Drive" button). It doesn't count against your personal space limit.
- Install Google Drive desktop in the computer where you would like to download the dataset.
- Sign in with your Google account.
- Let it sync all the files, it is quite fast.

I usually download datasets like this using the previous procedure and never had any problem. Please ask if something is not clear.


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I recommend rclone ( I used it under Linux but its multi-platform (windows, osx,...):

After adding the dataset folder into your Google drive account (e.g. training_image_data), this simple command line did the job and downloaded data into your local training_image_data folder:

rclone copy drive:training_image_data training_image_data/

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Downloading and storing 490 GB is difficult on normal configuration PCs. I wonder if there are ways where we can download a part of the data like around 40 GB (some number of images)?


You can download individual images, so you can choose to train your method on a subset of the available image data (ex. 100 images).

This is what I recommend:

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When I am trying to download dataset from Google drive, I am facing some problems due to unavailability of enough space in my google drive. Could you kindly suggest how can I download all the images directly in my hard drive? or Is there any other link (except google drive)?

I've contacted Google Support. There was an issue with their servers. It seems to be resolved now so please try again.