Mitosis detection task added

Since the release of the testing dataset, several participants have suggested to include an additional task that evaluates only mitosis detection. We have responded to this feedback by adding such a task to the challenge. The new task is accompanied by a new mitosis detection testing dataset.

The Tasks and Evaluation, Dataset and Submission pages have been updated with new information about this task. In short, the mitosis detection testing dataset consists of 34 regions of size 2 mm2, in the same format as the mitosis auxiliary dataset. Participants can use the 73 cases in the auxiliary mitosis dataset (and optionally external data) to train a mitosis detection model and submit mitosis detecion results for the new dataset in the form of coordinates of detected mitotic figures. The F1-score will be used as an evaluation measure. As before, the participants can choose to submit results for all three tasks or only for some of the tasks. 

If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the Forum.