Format and Dates

Challenge format

Groups or individuals interested in participating in the challenge can register on this website. Upon registration, the training dataset along with ground truth annotations will be available for download. We aim to release the training dataset in the first half of April 2016. The training dataset will be released on April 22.

Approximately two months after the opening of the challenge (first half of June 2016), the images of the testing dataset (without ground truth) will become available for download. The participants will be able to run their method on the testing set and upload results to the challenge web-site, after which they will receive the evaluation results. Each participating group or individual will be able to submit results up to 3 times before the challenge meeting. Each submission will have to be accompanied by a description of the method in a four page paper format that will be reviewed by the organizers. In case of more than one submission, a description of how the new submission differs from previous ones will have to be submitted. The cut-off date for submission of results will be two weeks before the meeting.

The format of the workshop will be a poster or oral session (depending on the number of submissions) for the participants to present their methods. The workshop will be concluded by a presentation of the organizers with summary and analysis of the results, followed by general discussion.

Based on the challenge results and the method descriptions, the participants of the contest will be invited to co-author an overview article that will be submitted to a relevant high-rank peer-reviewed journal. Each group that participated at the meeting will be assigned two co-authorships. The article will contain description of the methods and quantitative and qualitative analysis of the results. After the conclusion of the challenge workshop, the website will remain open for new submissions.

Important dates

April 22 - Training dataset is released;

First half of June - Testing dataset is released;

October 3 - Deadline for submission of results that will be presented at the workshop;

October 17 - Workshop at MICCAI 2016;